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Ubuntu, again!

Well I have finally switched to Ubuntu full time on my main box, previously I was running Ubuntu on secondary machine, and accessing my files from my windows box, which is made very difficult since Linux can’t write to NTFS.

Anyway, I have just made my final switch and the windows box is now formatted with Ubuntu and I have converted my data drive to FAT32 so the linux kernel can have read/write access to it, it is now also shared across the network using samba, as it was in windows so all my machines (and importantly my linux geexbox media center) have access to my main storage drive.

I have now relegated my secondary machine to being my windows box for the occasional times when I have a need for certain windows-only programs that cannot run through Wine, such as Microsoft Activesync and Dreamweaver. It also contains my 200GB backup drive, in case my main HDD fails, so I have to keep that backed up. Also, my laptop is windows free too! When it arrived it had XP installed and so that went straight off because I was starting to get confident with Ubuntu by then!

It’s a scary feeling being windows free, but also quite a nice one!


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