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Nothing much been going on round here, although I have almost switched to Ubuntu Linux. I’m hardly using windows at all anymore, apart from to use a few windows only programs like Dreamweaver and MS ActiveSync. I had tried switching to Linux in the past but always gave up after a few days.

Ubuntu is a very easy install and the OS is very easy to use, attractive, and with it currently being the favourite linux distro in the world, it has a huge user base with amazing (and fast) support!

So far I’ve had no hardware problems, and i’ve been able to get almost everything I had in windows working in Ubuntu. Free OS’s like Ubuntu are the way forward as far as I’m concerned! It’s also given me a chance to use my Unix knowledge and build upon my basic command line skills.

There’s a lot for me to learn still, and it’s going to be a long while before i’m anything close to being an expert but the way I look at it is it took me the best part of 6 years to learn Windows to a professional level (I’m Microsoft Certified remember!), so I’m not doing too bad with Linux considering I’ve only been at it full-time for a few weeks! There’s been a few little hicups along the way but I am doing well now and picking things up quite quickly!

I’m sure I will keep you updated on how things go!


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