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Dapper 6.06

Well Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 has arrived…

Installed it onto my test box at first, changed my repositories to the new Dapper ones and did a ‘sudo apt-get dist-upgrade’…. bad idea! Somehow this totally broke the Samba functions and caused the boot process to hang at the ‘Hardware Abstraction Layer’ for around 30 seconds. Removing the samba shares from the fstab caused the error to disappear, but no shares could be mounted or viewed through Nautilus. A few posts to the Ubuntu Forums came up with nothing so in the end I had to reformat with a fresh copy of Dapper from the CD. (On a side note, the new Graphical Installer on the Live CD is excellent!)

Thankfully the same problem did not occur with my other Breezy machines. This time I updated my repo’s and used the update manager to upgrade from Breezy to Dapper. I was a bit worried given the problems on my test box, but the upgrade on my laptop went fine and my main box went to 6.06 with no problems at all!

I also helped fix a problem (which must prove I’m learning), several users had experienced some problems using the messenger client AMsn after the upgrade to Dapper, myself being one, I started a topic on the forums and eventually I narrowed it down to two dependancies used to make AMsn look a bit smarter (TK/TCL8.5), these did not function with the version of AMsn in the Dapper repositories and so removing them caused the problem to disappear. I posted this fix to the forum and other users reported my fix worked for them too. So I’m starting to feel helpful to the community now!

Update: A new AMsn .Deb for Dapper has appeared on the forums that will work with TK/TCL8.5, so I now have the pretty (TK/TCL supported) AMSN back again! Hopefully the Ubuntu Repo’s will catch up to a newer version of AMsn that supports TK/TCL8.5 soon!


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