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For anyone who hasn’t yet seen Ubuntu’s brainstorm website, it is an excellent community driven website where ideas can be suggested on any aspect of Ubuntu development, these are then voted and commented on by visitors to the site with the view that they be implemented in future releases. It’s an excellent website as anyone can participate and hopefully make a difference to the future development of Ubuntu.

My own brainstorm idea is a simple one, but I feel is could be very effective. Whilst watching a documentary on BBC3 it occurred to me how much free advertising Microsoft gets based on their default Windows logo screen saver. During a 1 hour documentary I’d say Microsoft got around 3 to 4 minutes of free advertising during interviews with people sat at their desk’s by their computer screens and I suggested that perhaps a default Ubuntu screen saver might provide some additional advertising.

I suggested the idea on the 31’st of March and it is currently at 135 positive votes. Making it the 3’rd most popular idea in the Marketing category.

If you feel obliged, click above and give it a vote!

Update: I have been notified that a Ubuntu screen saver has been present in the past, but had been missing from the last few releases. I am assured that it will be back in the operating system soon. Job Done!

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