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WordPress Move

I have finally moved the site and blog over to the WordPress blogging/CMS package, the aim being to allow me much greater flexibility, and make it a lot easier for me to post on the move. The old blog served my needs well for many years, and I would like to thank it’s creator for all the hard work he put in, but since development ceased it’s been more and more prone to attacks and I was having to manually edit code to remove the security holes as I found them, leaving less and less functionality there, until it was almost featureless!

The decision to move came about partly because of problems with my old site and blog, along with the fact that I was getting bored of looking at the same old design after 3(ish) years! Also, I was increasingly finding that the blog was the only section that ever got updated, whilst the rest of the site stayed static, and it didn’t make sense that the only page I kept updated was hidden away! For this reason I chose WordPress as it is primarily a blogging system, so the site now centres around the blog, but it also allows me to create static pages and links as I had on the old site, along with other bits and bobs, so I’m hoping to eventually replicate all the old content onto this new site in the new style.

The WordPress move went very well and thanks to the RSS importer all my old posts were imported and working within seconds, although I only chose to import the last 12 months posts as most of the older ones were a little boring! So far I’m very impressed with the package and have customized it with a fancy theme, and added myself a simple contact form plugin. I will be investigating all of it’s features in the coming weeks. Any comments on the new look and feel are most welcome!

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