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Radio, and other events!

Just a quick update on the goings-on!

I had a great pleasure of being invited to appear on BBC Radio at the weekend to chat about the site and Kids TV in general with their saturday afternoon presenter Pete Cooper. I had been asked to do interviews in the past for BBC Radio but it had never actually happened due to bad planning. This time around though it did, and despite being promised the questions beforehand none had arrived, and I was quite surprised and shocked when I got the phone call (whilst still in bed at about midday!). A further (more nerve-wracking) surprise awaited me when after being placed on hold by someone at the station the ‘holding music’ faded out to me being introduced live on air as the Classic Kids TV expert, giving me a grand total of 30 seconds to prepare to be interviewed live on BBC Radio! I’m particularly glad now that it was radio as I must have looked a bit like Guy Goma at the time!

Despite the problems and not being prepared at all I think I managed to do a pretty good job, we had a nice chat, the presenter seemed very plesant, and we discussed Muffin the Mule (a subject I really had to wing my way through, it having been shown 40 years before my birth!). We also talked about what shows should be brought back, whether this was always a good thing, our own personal favourites, and also discussed some recent and future comebacks such as Fireman Sam, The Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock. The URL of the site was mentioned twice on air, which is certainly very good publicity!

I’ll be looking forward now to my next (hopefully more prepared) media appearance! A big thank you to the BBC for inviting me on!


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