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Well it’s finished! The new ClassicKidsTv website has finally gone live, and it’s looking pretty damn amazing (If I do say so myself!). The site is now running on MediaWiki, and can now be updated by volunteers and visitors of the site.

It’s taken weeks of effort from myself and with assistance from two of my forum regulars to get the site pages built and I can’t thank them enough for all their help! The three of us have now formed a ClassicKidsTv team to work on the site, to which I hope we can add many more members!

As for the server side of things, I have learnt a huge amount about how professional web servers operate and after building up the server from scratch myself using only SSH, I feel very confident about my skills in this area now. I have learnt many areas of linux/oss from this project, mostly web server related. I have finally learnt VI properly, I have done full o/s upgrades remotely, I have learnt how to configure apache properly (and hopefully securely!) and how to use the mod_rewrite functionality in apache (with Karl’s assistance) to setup shorter and more efficient URL’s, and to keep search engines out of certain directories by mod_rewriting them to somewhere else and blocking them with a robots.txt! I have also learnt how cron works and have created a nightly backup script to keep all my files and databases save from harm!

Overall it has been an amazing thing to learn, and having only SSH access to the box really forces you to learn the command line very well.

Anyhoo, the new ClassicKidsTv site is available to view here:

I’d really appreciate any comments anyone has!


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